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Vibratory Motor Manufacturer

Despite the presence of a considerable number of businesses involved in manufacturing and supplying vibratory motor, Shri Rang Energy Efficient is considered second to none. Being a renowned Vibratory Motor Manufacturer, we boast a highly experienced team comprising skilled and qualified engineers. What helps us stand apart from the competition is our utmost dedication to developing top-quality vibratory motor and selling them at a competitive price.

To meet the growing demand and requirements of our esteemed customers, we make use of highly advanced technologies and valuable methods to manufacture top-quality vibratory motors. Besides manufacturing these extensively used motors, we are also being considered as one of the reliable Vibratory Motors Suppliers in India. We manufacture vibratory motors in compliance with the international set of standards.

Product Overview

Vibratory motors are entirely enclosed three-phase motors with highly adjustable and unconventional weights placed at either end of the shaft to establish vibration at the time of rotation. In order to endure significant radial loads, making the selection of bearings meticulously is essential. Respectable clients of Shri Rang Energy Efficient, a highly experienced and trustworthy Vibratory Motor Manufacturer, prefer using our vibratory motors due to the substantial features.

Vibratory motors that we manufacture are ruggedly designed, immensely stable under load, vibration-resistant, have premium-grade resin-impregnated windings and durable cylindrical roller bearings. To prevent water and dust from affecting the motor, tuber 0 rings are used to fit the end shield effectively. These motors have a notably reliable cable wire cast in vibration-resistant resin, which is synthetic. High-quality vibratory motors boast a significantly high torque starting. Only the weights inside vibratory motors are adjustable and come with valid markings.

Specification of Vibratory Motors

  • Force range: 1830 – 122850
  • Power supply: 4150 Volts
  • Rated output: 0.3 kW – 8.56kW
  • Ambient temp: 60 degrees C
  • Insulation class: ‘F’ Class


Vibratory motors that we have been manufacturing boast a sturdy construction, and these can be applied in any working condition, which has no explosion-proof need. Adjustment of the exciting force can be done effectively. These motors are small in volume and lightweight. Clients like making use of our motors owing to multi-aspect installation both for single and multiple machines. Despite the presence of several Vibratory Motors Suppliers, in a quick time, we have been able to earn respect from our clients by manufacturing vibratory motors that have a stable frequency, stationary revolution, low vibration and instant start.

Types of Vibratory Motors we Manufacture

  • Unbalanced Vibratory Motors
  • Electric Vibrating Motors
  • Electromagnetic Vibrating Motors

Applications Vibratory Motors

Vibratory motors that Shri Rang Energy Efficient manufactures are used in different industrial applications. These efficient motors are used in a wide range of material handling devices like conveyors, vibrating screens and feeder. To eliminate the formation of congestion of material flow, vibratory motors are used on silos and hoppers.

Call us at +91 9409400048 / +91 8347008877 or mail us at sales@shrirangenterprise.com to acquire more information on vibratory motors and discuss your requirements. Our executive will help you out in the best way possible and give the best quote. You will be able to skyrocket the growth of your business when you invest in premium quality vibratory motors.

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