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Transforming Electrical Solutions with 3 Core Flat Cables

Shri Rang Energy Efficient, since 2005, has been synonymous with cutting-edge electrical solutions, particularly as suppliers of 3 core flat cables and BCH XLPE Flat Cables. Our commitment to providing cables that combine durability, efficiency, and safety has distinguished us as premier 3 core flat cables suppliers. By harnessing our in-depth industry knowledge and expertise, we ensure each client benefits from products designed to perform reliably in even the most demanding applications, reinforcing our dedication to innovation and quality.

Overview of Our 3 Core Flat Cable Products

Our selection of 3 core flat cables is designed for supreme reliability and longevity, serving a broad range of both industrial and domestic requirements. These cables are crafted to provide flexibility and ease of installation, ideal for demanding settings including underwater applications such as energizing submersible water pumps and lighting systems. Their flat configuration not only enables efficient installation in restricted spaces but also enhances the visual tidiness and spatial economy of wiring infrastructures.

Technical Specifications of Our 3 Core Flat Cables

In line with national standards, the technical specifications of our 3 core flat cables highlight exceptional performance and safety. Available in dimensions from 1.5 sq. mm. to 25 sq. mm., these cables are produced from electrolytic grade annealed copper for superior conductivity. Insulated with high-resistance PVC, they are apt for regions experiencing hot and arid climates, and sheathed in materials that withstand rigorous outdoor conditions, water exposure, and guarantee outstanding durability. They support voltage grades up to 1100V, catering to a comprehensive array of electrical requirements.

General Characteristics of Our 3-Core Flat Cable Range

Our 3 core flat cables showcase remarkable features such as flexibility, high tensile strength, and resistance to abrasion. Specifically designed with a flat silhouette for streamlined handling and installation, the conductors are insulated with HR PVC or equivalent materials, suited for elevated temperatures and arid conditions. This ensures the cables are robust against harsh outdoor elements and offer excellent water resistance. These attributes not only make our cables efficient and secure for diverse applications but also remarkably durable, minimizing the need for regular replacements and maintenance.

Applications of Our 3 Core Flat Cables

The durability and versatile design of our 3 core flat cables and BCH XLPE Flat Cables render them perfect for a multitude of applications:

  • Submersible PumpsTailored for powering submersible pumps in water wells, guaranteeing a steadfast underwater power supply.
  • Agricultural Irrigation:Extensively utilized in agricultural irrigation systems for effective water distribution to crops.
  • Domestic Water Supply Systems:Crucial in residential water supply systems employing submersible pumps for water extraction.
  • Outdoor and Underground InstallationsFit for power transmission underground or in outdoor areas necessitating additional mechanical protection.
  • Lighting Systems Commonly employed in 2-way lighting configurations and central heating systems, able to manage multiple conductors for intricate circuitry.

Contact Us for 3 Core Flat Cable Needs

At Shri Rang Energy Efficient, addressing your electrical needs is our primary goal. Our 3 core flat cables reflect our dedication to quality and innovation. Whether you're an electrician, engineer, or business owner, choose us as your 3 core flat cable supplier for solutions that promise efficiency, durability, and safety. Get in touch today to elevate your projects with our superior cable solutions.

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