Brake Motors


Brake Motors Manufacturers

Brake Motors are known for their superior performance levels and energy saving features. Further the advanced technology used in its manufacturing enables our product to meet the expectations and work needs of our clients.

Our brake motors are rendered with a rectifier that is instrumental in providing the requisite Direct Current voltage to coil of the brake, which helps operate the brake in turn. One of the two terminals that exist in the chief terminal box of the motor feeds the required supply to the rectifier. A braking torque gets generated that employs force on the brake’s armature plate against the mounting flange when the power supply to the motor is switched off.

On the resumption of supply, production of a magnetic field takes place in the brake coil, and this very thing pulls the armature plate in opposition to the spring force and allows the shaft to rotate freely. Many clients consider Shri Rang Energy Efficient the best crane duty motor suppliers owing to our reliable delivery and high-quality brake motors that are ‘fail-safe’ because the brake gets applied instantly if the power supply is switched off or it fails.

We, at Shri Rang Energy Efficient, pride in our highly competent engineers and specialists, who have years of experience leveraging advanced technologies for manufacturing brake motors. Since the inception of our enterprise, we have been developing premium-quality brake motors that are being used by different industries for several applications. Our brake motors are well known for the production of a superior level of performance and possessing prominent energy-saving features.

To meet the expectations and work requirements of our clients, we strive to make use of result-driven methods. Being one of the reputed crane duty motor dealers in the nation, we have been successfully delivering comprehensive electric motor solutions to the most demanding industries in the world. All brake motors that we manufacture and supply comply with the international set of standards.

Specification of Brake Motors

  • RPM: 3000, 1500, 1000
  • Power: 10 -100 kW
  • Frame: 71 to 132
  • Voltage: 415V
  • Frequency: 50Hz to 60Hz


Our brake motors consist of several features that function seamlessly and deliver optimum performance. All our esteemed clients prefer our brake motors because they create low noise pollution and have a longer service life. The premium quality brake motors of ours are corrosion resistant, user-friendly and require less maintenance. We have prove times and again that besides being a manufacturer, we are a reliable Brake Motors Supplier.

All our brake motors are fitting for applications that need immediate, accurate and convenient stops, energy-saving and position control. The brake motors are resilient and ruggedly designed. Hence you need not spend quality time on its maintenance. You need not use a separate DC supply because the rectifier renders the necessary DC voltage to energize the brake.

Applications Brake Motors

Shri Rang Energy Efficient is regarded as one of the leading Brake Motors Manufacturers in the nation because our premium-quality brake motors surpass many of our competitors. Different sectors and industries use brake motors that we manufacture and supply. Our brake motors are used for different applications that require instant stopping of the driven load. Here are the areas where brake motors are primarily used:

  • Textile Machinery
  • Printing Machinery
  • Cable Reeling Drums
  • Rolling Mills
  • Machine Tools
  • Cranes & Hoists
  • Material Handling Tools

Get in touch with us for more information on brake motors as besides being a manufacturer, aslo we are one of the trustworthy Brake Motors Dealers. You can call us at +91-9409400048 | +91-8347008877 or mail us at sales@shrirangenterprise.com. You can discuss your requirements with our executive and get the most competitive quote.

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