AC Induction Motor



Another name for an induction motor is AC electrical motor. Several industries deploy induction motors for different purposes. The rotor of every induction motor creates torque. For this, the rotor pick up electric current from the stator winding’s spin magnetic field across the process of electromagnetic induction.

You will find two types of rotors in these motors – wind type rotors or squirrel cage rotors induction motors work at a speed slower than their synchronous speed. This is why they are also called asynchronous motors. Shri Rang Enterprise is one of the most famed induction motor dealers in the market today.

We have been supplying and manufacturing prime-quality induction motors for quite some time. Our products have a good renown in the market for their durability, quality and performance. We amalgamate cutting-edge technology with ethical business practices to bring you nothing short of the best quality products.

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Features Of Induction Motor

Broadly, there are two varieties of induction motors available with us. These are single phase induction motors and three-phase induction motors. Each of these varieties has its categories as well. Read on to understand the types of induction motors available with us.

Single Phase Induction Motors

  • Split Phase Induction Motors
  • Capacitor Run and Capacitor Start Induction Motors
  • Induction Motors with Capacitor Start
  • Induction Motors with Shaded Pole

Three Phase Induction Motors

  • Slip Ring Induction Motor
  • Squirrel Cage Induction Motor

Shri Rang Enterprise has a wide variety of motors belonging to different specifications. You can also consult our experts to figure out the right variety for your machines.

Applications of Induction Motor

Induction motors find extensive use in various industries involved in a various array of activities. The single-phase motors find wide application in household appliances where they deal with a lesser amount of load.

Additionally three-phase induction motors are particularly useful for machines used in heavy industries. The load-bearing capacity of the later variety is much higher than the former one.

How to Choose the Best Induction Motor Suppliers

For the best products, choose the right dealer. At Shri Rang Enterprise, we make sure that each AC motor serves the machines for a longer time.

As one of the best induction motor suppliers, we manufacture them maintaining all the quality standards. Keep aspects like prices, discounts, quality, reputation, etc., in mind before finalising your deal. We offer uncompromised quality at affordable rates to all.

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