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The Best Torque Motors Manufacturer To Settle For

Torque motors are nothing but an induction motor of a specific variety. Unlike the rest of the induction motors, torque motors are measures in locked rotor torque instead of the traditional unit of horsepower. The best torque motor manufacturers make sure that every motor comes made of superior quality material that can withstand the heat and pressure generated during the rotations that keep the motor running seamlessly.

If you are looking for a reliable torque motor supplier near you, Shri Rang Energy Efficient’s wide range of premium quality torque motors that the industry relies on. We offer a plethora of varieties when it comes to any motor, and especially torque motors.

Product Overview

Used widely in different industries like paper mills, steel rolling, textiles, etc. torque motors are a special variety of induction motors that can maintain a perfect level of torque and linear speed during winding. Shri Rang Energy Efficient is one of the best torque motor manufacturers, and we supply top-notch torque motors at a reasonable price. Read on to explore more about the premium quality torque motors manufactures by us.

Specifications of Torque Motors

Torque motors can be of various types to match the different requirements of the various industries. Here are some of the specifications that are integral to these motors.

  • Frame : Mostly, motors come made of rugged cast iron, but we also manufacture aluminium motors based on customization requests.
  • Insulation : Type F insulation is common for most of the motors while type H insulation is also supplied as per request.
  • Voltage : 415 ± 5% 50 Hz. ± 3% is the standard voltage that we supply. However, motors compatible with 220, 480, 560 volts are also supplied if the customer wants.
  • Thermal Overload protection : We supply torque motors with T.O.P switch to ensure all-round overload protection.

Features That The Best Torque Motors Manufacturers Guarantee

Here are some of the salient features of the torque motors that make each power-packed and reliable association for industries across the world.

  • All our torque motors are highly efficient
  • You can expect a noise-free operation
  • Our torque motors come with zero vibration
  • All the motors manufactured by us are durable
  • We guarantee a smooth finishing
  • The deals involving the torque motors are cost-effective
  • Each of our torque motors features a precise and accurate design


Torque motors are particularly popular in industries like textile, wire winding, paper mills, plastic manufacturing, steel rolling, and much more. The seamless winding and unwinding process used in these industries make torque motors a bare essential to keep up with the process. In industries where winding up, materials on drums of beams are done, torque motors are used in abundance.

If you are looking for the most reliable torque motor supplier near you, Shri Rang Energy Efficient can be your one-stop solution. With our premium-grade products and years of experience in the market, we are one of the best torque motors manufacturers beyond any doubt. For any query or order, you can give us a call at +91 9409400048 / +91 8347008877 / +91 8347004433 or send us a mail at sales@shrirangenterprise.com. Our support team would be more than happy to help you.

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