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Single Phase Motors are demanded across the varieties of industries operating in the market. Single phase motors are a special variety of 3 phase motors that generate a magnetic field to ensure that the motor goes forward and backward while operating. If you are looking for the best single phase motor manufacturer, choose Shri Rang Energy Efficient.

Also, a good quality single phase motor comes with zero starting torque. We manufacture and deal with some of the best single phase motors in the market. Our motors are durable and offer superior performance. To settle for one of the best single phase motor dealers, choose us.

Single Phase Motors-An Overview

Shri Rang Energy Efficient manufactures some of the best single phase motors to suit the requirement of every industry. Be it for the domestic requirement or industrial machines, our single phase motors can suffice all your requirements if you are looking for a single phase motor that is efficient and affordable at the same time.

Ideal to be used for garage door openers, gate elevators, and much more, we are one of the most renowned single phase motors suppliers in the market. With our years of experience and quality products, we make sure that you get nothing short of the best.


Being one of the best single phase motor manufacturers, we offer motors with varying degrees of specifications.

  • Speed : We make sure that every single phase motor manufactured by us offers you the best speed possible. The speed varied from one motor to another depending on the variety and the machine it is made for.
  • Power : While some of our single phase motors come available featuring extreme power, some moderate power. Since different machines require different motor power, we keep our gamut varied to suit every requirement.
  • Weight : All our single phase motors are designed, maintaining precision and accuracy. Therefore, the moderately built machines are comparatively lightweight while the bigger ones flaunt a compact design and shape.


Here are some of the primary features that make our single phase motors unbeatable in the market.

  • Our single phase motors are sure to last long
  • All our motors come made of superior quality material
  • Reduced level of noise is an integral feature of all our single phase motors
  • We imbibe the latest technology to ensure that the users get seamless performance from the single phase motors
  • All our motors are energy efficient and cost negligible on electric consumption
  • Vacuum impregnation remains guaranteed with all our single phase motors
  • The motors come powered with prime grade CRNO low watt loss


Single phase motors get widely used across the industries. Generally, machines requiring low horsepower need single phase motors. Pumps, refrigerators, compressors, fans, and portable drills are machines in which single phase motors get integrated for seamless performance.

If you are looking for a single phase motor, look for the best single phase motor dealer. Shri Rang Energy Efficient is o of the most renowned names when it comes to motor manufacturing. To book a motor or to know more about our products and services, give us a call at +91 9409400048 | +91 8347008877 or mail us at sales@shrirangenterprise.com.

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